Consulting on All Materials and All Sizes

Gunars Indars consults on a wide range of material processing requirements including tight tolerances, extremely flat surfaces, optical finishes, very thin parts and also choosing the right diamond or abrasive to lap or polish materials like molybdenum or even internal polishing of a small diameter bent titanium tube. Process capabilities include lapping and polishing, machining and shaping, diamond sawing, dicing, wafering, cutting and slicing, micro drilling, precision honing, ceramic machining, quartz and glass machining, optical polishing, flat lapping, silicon polishing, diamond and other abrasive compound formulating, ceramic annealing and joining, anodic bonding, laser slag removal, wafer and substrate thinning, semiconductor material backlapping, diamond wheel dressing, chip reduction in dicing, precise metrology measurements, edge grinding and crystal wafering.

Expert advice available on processing materials ranging from polyimides to tungsten carbide and sapphire. They include ceramics, quartz, fused silica, aluminum nitride, aluminum, hardcoated aluminum, all types of glass, aluminum oxide, dielectric materials, ferrites, crystals, composites, superconductor materials, semiconductor materials including silicon, germanium and gallium arsenide, mica, niobates, steatite, titanates, carbides, cordierite, fosterite, macor, silicon nitride, zirconia, silicon carbide, stainless steel, HVOF WC-Co-Cr.

Available shapes and features include glass substrates, wafers, windows, boules, flats, microwave substrates, vacuum chucks, electrostatic chucks, thin substrates, thin wafers, thin windows, cylinders, tubes, wafer chucks, flat panel vacuum chucks, motion and air bearing surfaces, camber-free and ultra-flat surfaces, large geometry tables and precision optical components, slab gate valves and cylindrical parts.

Special services provided include process development, technology transfer, training and equipment design.

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Updated: 10 December 2013