Learn to Flat Lap all Materials, no Size Limits

Lapping is an abrasive finishing technology to process soft parts, hard parts and everything in between with flatness, thickness and parallelism within millionths of an inch. We have over 40 years of experience with lapping machines from as small as 2 inches to as large as 84 inches.

What can you learn from us? A new approach to lapping using standard lapping equipment which cannot be found in any books, nor from lapping machine manufacturers:

  1. The best choices for standard equipment at reasonable prices
  2. How to modify equipment to suit your specific needs
  3. How to keep your lapping tables flat
  4. How to measure your lapping table
  5. How to fixture your parts
  6. The right abrasives
  7. New approaches to lapping, forget the old rules
  8. Produce flat, parallel parts with tight thickness tolerances in reasonable time

Why use a consultant to teach you how to lap?

Call us for assistance to teach you unique flat lapping processes and techniques tailored for your application.

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Consultant: Gunars Indars E-mail: g@indars.com
Ph:  978.501.7905
Fax: 978.425.3031

Updated: 10 December 2013